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Teletherapy Setup

Get Ready


Let’s get ready for online sessions!


For our current clients,  here are some things you can do prior to your teletherapy session:

Before your first session online, download the Telemental Health Informed Consent form, review and sign it. You can upload the signed copy electronically through the client portal, or mail it to the office.

Some tips to prepare your space and your computer for a good session:

  • Find a comfortable space free of distraction, where you will have privacy and your session will not be overheard by others.

  • Consider using headphones or earbuds so that your provider’s voice is kept private and is only hearable by you.

  • Set up your phone or computer in a spot where it will not move. 

  • Whatever device you’re using, please make sure that the camera is about level with your eyes. (It may require propping up your device or monitor on other items, such as books).

  • Please remain seated for the session; movements interrupt the sound and quality.

  • Please ensure that the camera is showing your whole face, and that you're well lit without a bright light source directly behind you.


We look forward to seeing you online!

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