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About Camilla

Camilla Skill.jpeg

Camilla Skill, LMSW

Clinical Social Worker


I graduated with my Bachelor’s in Social Work from Eastern Michigan University and Master’s degree in Social Work from University of Michigan. During my schooling, I focused on clinical work and internships working with older adults.


Throughout my career as a social worker, I have worked with hospice, nursing home, hospital and health care. I have experience working with those with chronic conditions, depression and anxiety. I enjoy working with a variety of clients throughout their life changes and am committed to working together to create a plan that works best for you. 


I utilize a mix of mindfulness, CBT, ACT and strengths-based modalities with my clients. I appreciate and understand that therapy can be a difficult step to take; however, I believe therapy can be very important in a person’s life and for their mental health. Each person is unique with their own story and I am looking forward to learning yours as we work together.

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