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About Charles


Charles Coleman, LLMSW

Clinical Social Worker


Master of Social Work (MSW) graduate of the University of Michigan. I specialize in
interpersonal practice, with focus areas in Aging in Families and Society, Mental Health, and
Substance Abuse Disorders.

I believe that every person can benefit from obtaining counseling at some point in their lives.
We all face struggles with achieving our goals, understanding and overcoming our past hurts, or resolving conflict with others. It can be extremely helpful to have a compassionate, objective
person to talk to when these issues arise. I truly enjoy developing a therapeutic, supportive
relationship with each client. This connection can then be the foundation for facilitating
understanding, growth, and positive change. I enjoy working with clients to identify their
strengths and develop realistic, achievable goals.

I utilize many therapeutic tools based on the needs of each client, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), solution-focused therapy, family systems, DBT, and mindfulness/meditation techniques. I work on various issues with families and adults of all ages, with particular emphasis working with older adults, as well as individuals with substance abuse disorders, whom I see both individually or in group settings.

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