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Meet The Team

Charles 1.jpg

Charles Coleman

LLMSW - Clinical

Modalities:  DBT, CBT, Mindfulness/Meditation, Family, Psychotherapy

Specialities:  Substance use/Dual diagnosis, Anxiety, Older Adults, Individual and Group sessions

Lauren 1.jpg

Lauren Elsner

LLMSW - Clinical

Modalities:  CBT, Mindfulness

Specialities:  Anxiety, Depression, Caregiver support, Older Adults, Young Adults, Work life, Academic life, Grief

K 1.jpg

Kristin Evans


Director - Clinical Operations

Business Operations and

Client Services


Yawen Ning


LLMSW - Clinical

Modalities:  CBT, TFCBT, Mindfulness, DBT, EMDR, Psychodynamic

Specialities:  Depression, Anxiety, Trauma


Katie Poe


Modalities:  DBT, CBT, Solution focus, Client-centered, Psychodynamic integrative approach

Specialities:  Anxiety, Aging/School adjustment, Caregiver support, Depression, Grief, Relationship issues, Trauma

Kathy 1.jpg

Kathy Wade

LMSW - Clinical; PhD

Modalities:  CBT, Psychodynamic, Guided Imagery

Specialities:  Grief and Loss, Depression, Anxiety, LGBT, Adults

Amy 2.jpg

Amy Barbee


Modalities: CBMT, Systems Theory, Psychodynamic, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Parenting

Specialities:  Couples, Children 5+, Adults with trauma, depression, anxiety, Relational Improvement

LD 1.jpg

Jennifer Heckendorn


Founder, Owner

LMSW - Clinical

Modalities:  CBT, DBT, Mindfulness, Supportive Therapy

Specialties: Depression, Anxiety, Caregiver stress, Grief, Life Transitions

*Please note: Not accepting new clients at this time

Leslie 2.jpg

Leslie Barroso

LLMSW - Clinical

Modalities: DBT, CBT, CPT, Behavioral Activation, Mindfulness, Psychotherapy

Specialties:  Severe and persistent mental illness, Substance use/Dual diagnosis, Anxiety, Depression

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