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About Sarah

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Sarah Budke, LMSW

Clinical Social Worker

I am here for you - to know you, to empower you, to help you enhance your personal self. Life can be hard; and sometimes, more difficult if you feel you don’t have the support. It takes real courage to get help- and that’s why I am here. Your feelings will be validated. You will find I am easy going- and truly here to navigate life with you. Let's talk about your depression, find your triggers for your panic and anxiety, and dive into those relationship issues you just can't seem to grasp. Let's open up about how hard life can be sometimes- let's challenge it, and get better! I want to know about what makes you, YOU!


I appreciate the soul’s journey in life and I believe everyone’s story should be shared. I enjoy working off of people’s strengths and developing a solution-focused plan to help achieve the most effective and personal outcome desired. I am warm, interactive, compassionate, and enjoy the connection of a therapeutic relationship. I obtained my MSW in 2014 from the University of Michigan School of Social work. I have had the honor and privilege to work as a trauma social worker which allowed me first hand to be with people suffering from loss and experiencing trauma and crisis. I am passionate about working with people suffering from a loss, which comes in many forms (death, loss of job, life changes, etc.), clients struggling with depression and/or anxiety, those needing life coaching, and anyone who really just needs support or a therapeutic companionship. 


I invite you - take a leap!


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