From doing to being…

Since February, my husband and I have been planning to leave Chicago. He was hired at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg Virginia so we made plans to make it happen. We had wanted to get out of Chicago to find something more affordable with a good quality of life. Affordability, community, meaningful work…the American dream?

I paused my entrepreneurial pursuits, packed and planned. At the end of May, I made my way to the beautiful New River Valley!

From the beginning of April through the end of June, I spent most of the day, packing/unpacking, saying hello/goodbye, getting rid of things and find a new place, learning about a new city…then things kind of dropped off. Being in a college town, there were no students, not a lot of activity. It was hot and quiet.

I went from doing to being…but not right away.

How to get there

Being is not sitting there doing nothing. It is a state of mind. Accepting your current circumstance and putting emotion and energy behind your activity.

It took me a while to go into a state of being. Mostly I was anxious to get something started. So I did every project around our new place. Started looking for activities to get involved in so I could learn about the area and meet people. I was rushing around.

Many people enter into retirement in this way. They begin with all the home repairs and projects they had been putting off.

It started to make me irritated when things didn’t go my way or go as quickly as I would have liked. Almost like I wanted my newly planted plants to go from seed to fruition- immediately! Eventually, I realized it would be best to let things unfold as they may. Do what I can each day and moment.

A state of being is not rushing through one thing to get to the next and the next and the next. It is not feeling the pressure to get through one thing quickly because if not then you will not be able to do the next planned thing and then feel overwhelmed by all that you need to do.

Doing might be deciding to clean the whole house and making a list of all the detailed things that will move you toward this goal.

Being might look like setting two hours aside on a certain day to do some cleaning, looking at what might be the highest priorities. Then enjoyably get a few of them done.

I am going to explore with you ways to move from doing to being. I am enjoying the process of learning how best to support you in your retirement transition.